Getting the Word Out to Your Employees about Retirement Planning

Posted on May 18, 2022

A positive, consistent, and easy-to-understand communication plan is key to motivating employees to participate in your retirement plan. It’s also important to keep the lines of communication open and be available for questions. You might also consider working with your plan administrator to offer financial literacy resources for employees.

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Advantages of an Unbundled Platform

Posted on Apr 21, 2022

We strongly believe that in many cases, you will benefit by the choice, flexibility and service quality of an unbundled approach. And by delivering a custom-tailored model, we’re better able to identify and serve your unique needs and goals.

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Starter-K Act of 2022 Introduced in the Senate

Posted on Apr 12, 2022

On March 30, 2022, Senators John Barrasso (R-WY) and Tom Carper (D-DE) introduced the bi-partisan Starter-K Act in the Senate. This bill allows employers who do not offer a qualified retirement plan to their workers to establish a starter 401(k) deferral-only arrangement for plan years beginning after 2022.

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MyCTSavings Notice: Employers with Qualified Retirement Plans Must Certify Their Exception

Posted on Apr 4, 2022

Connecticut has implemented a mandatory program called MyCTSavings for employers with 5 employees or more who do not currently have a retirement plan in place. Employers who already offer a qualified retirement plan are exempt, but they are required to certify their exemption online.

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Maximizing a Business Owner’s Retirement Benefit

Posted on Mar 30, 2022

It’s a common story – business owners put everything into their businesses for years before being in a financial position to put real money away for retirement. Once they’re ready to really get going, we can suggest a number of retirement plan designs and individual plan features that can help them reach their goals. Depending on your particular situation, here’s a quick snapshot of some of the most popular.

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Cash Balance Plans: Don’t Miss Out!

Posted on Mar 16, 2022

Cash balance plans can offer high-income business owners and executives significant tax advantages and a way to build large retirement assets. It is especially attractive to partners and owners who want to catch up on retirement savings and whose businesses are generating a healthy profit each year.

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Tax Credits for Retirement Plan Start-up Costs

Posted on Feb 15, 2022

If you’re a small business owner considering a qualified retirement plan for employees, you have an incentive from the government to proceed. The SECURE Act passed in 2019 allows a tax credit of up to $5,000 for three years for plan start-up costs, which can significantly lower your out-of-pocket expenses.

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New Laws for 2022: Time to Look at your Handbooks!

Posted on Feb 10, 2022

Employers should review their employee handbooks to ensure compliance with these new law changes for 2022 regarding paid leave, harassment and discrimination, wage and hour, employment, and COVID-19.

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The Advantages of Roth After-Tax 401k Deferrals

Posted on Jan 29, 2022

When a 401k plan includes a Roth option, participants who are eligible to make traditional pre-tax 401k deferrals are also eligible to make Roth after-tax 401k deferrals.

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Is Your Organization Safe from Email Attacks?

Posted on Jan 14, 2022

In the fourth edition of the Phishing and Fraud Report, it was discovered that phishing incidents rose 220% during the height of the global pandemic compared to past yearly averages.

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