Unique Challenges Women Face in Retirement Planning

Posted on Jul 12, 2024

Retirement planning is crucial for financial security, but women often face unique hurdles that can complicate this process. Understanding and addressing these challenges is important for women to plan for a secure and comfortable retirement.

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Common Retirement Scams to Avoid

Posted on Jun 11, 2024

Retirement is meant to be a time to enjoy the rewards of your years of hard work. Unfortunately, it can also make you a target for fraudsters, and scams are on the rise and getting more sophisticated. Here are some common retirement scams to watch out for, along with tips on how to protect yourself.

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Navigating the Retirement Security Rule: Enhancing Fiduciary Standards for Financial Advisers

Posted on May 7, 2024

On September 23, 2024, the Retirement Security Rule will take effect, a pivotal regulatory update issued by the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) aimed at bolstering retirement investment protection.

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Protecting Retirement Assets from Cyber Threats

Posted on Apr 10, 2024

Cybersecurity is critically important for retirement accounts due to the substantial financial resources and sensitive personal data they contain. Retirement accounts like 401(k)s and pension plans represent a significant portion of an individual's financial wealth, accumulated over their working years.

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IRS Rollover Chart

Posted on Mar 14, 2024

This is an “IRS Rollover Chart” as it related to retirement plans and IRAs.

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Retiring Overseas: Pros and Cons of International Retirement

Posted on Mar 11, 2024

Retiring abroad can be an attractive option for individuals seeking a change of scenery, a lower cost of living, or new cultural experiences and adventures during their golden years. While the idea of retiring overseas is enticing, it comes with both advantages and challenges that prospective retirees should carefully weigh.

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How Your HSA Can Supplement Retirement Savings

Posted on Feb 16, 2024

HSAs offer a triple tax advantage for retirement savings—contributions are tax-deductible, earnings grow tax-free, and withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are also tax-free. By contributing the maximum allowed, maintaining a cash reserve for short-term expenses, and investing the rest, individuals can maximize their retirement savings and healthcare cost management.

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A Fresh Start: Financial Planning for the New Year

Posted on Jan 18, 2024

Embarking on a journey of financial planning for the new year requires dedication and strategic thinking. By budgeting wisely, building an emergency fund, managing debt, saving for goals, reviewing investments, planning for retirement, and continually educating yourself, you’ll pave the way for financial security and peace of mind in the year ahead.

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Generational Savings: Boomers to Gen Z

Posted on Dec 19, 2023

Each generation has its unique approach to savings, shaped by their specific economic, political, and societal contexts. Baby Boomers focus on securing retirement, Gen X balances familial responsibilities with future planning, Millennials prioritize short-term goals amid economic challenges, and Gen Z, as digital natives, is just beginning to navigate personal finance.

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Long-Term, Part-Time Rules

Posted on Nov 14, 2023

As part of the SECURE Act, Long-Term, Part-Time (“LTPT”) rules were created in 2019. Effective for plan years beginning after 12/31/2020, 401(k) plans must begin to track employment of LTPT employees and, once eligible, the employees defined as LTPT employees must be allowed to enter a retirement plan solely for deferral purposes.

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