Customer Service is Top Priority

“We stay ahead of the curve, and work hard to remain competitive in this ever-changing world. We ask ourselves, 'How can we do things more efficiently? What can we change to be better while maintaining our integrity?'”

- Jim Cantey, President and Owner, TPS Group

Customer service is top priority at TPS Group

We know that without happy clients, we wouldn't exist. That's why clients are our top priority. As a small to mid-sized company ourselves, TPS Group works with businesses just like yours to help them achieve long-term success.

With decades of experience working with clients and developing sound business processes, our president and owner, Jim Cantey, is passionate about identifying key needs in the marketplace and connecting them with the best solutions. He also knows that technology is a driver in financial services and ensures we utilize it to its utmost potential – all the better to serve our clients effectively and efficiently.

For nearly a half century, TPS Group has specialized in supplying actuarial and employer sponsored retirement benefit services, including defined benefit and defined contribution retirement plans. Our retirement programs are solutions-based; unique to your business environment, culture and needs.

Over time, we realized that we could provide a better value to our clients by evolving into a group of companies offering additional related services, such as:

These companies complement our other services and our clients’ demand for their services continues to grow rapidly.

To find out how TPS Group's committed professionals can help your company focus more on business and less on administration and compliance, contact us to today at (855) 828-2229 or [email protected]


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