HR Department Startups

HR Department Startups

We will act as your in-house HR department until which time you need to hire either a part time or full time HR Professional, which we can train for you.

Are you thinking of hiring your first in-house HR professional and not sure what you need? Do you know what type of person, skills, experience, and knowledge is required for your organization? And the compensation rate for the person?

Let us help.

We will act as your in-house HR department until which time you need to hire either a part-time or full-time HR Professional, which we can train for you. 

Our HR Department Startup Services are very popular and include evaluation and development of Client’s in-house Human Resources function to create a solid foundation for future staffing of the HR role. Often times we find our client’s vision of the HR role does not match the requirements needed based on the organization's size, industry, and culture. Hiring an under or overqualified professional can be very costly. We help you get it right the first time!

HR Department Startup Services

  • Our Consultants interface directly with your employees and leadership team as well as any third parties responsible for key functions such as benefits, payroll, and management.
  • Evaluate existing Human Resources policies, procedures & practices. Audit key HR functions including records maintenance, recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, progressive discipline and performance management, leaves of absence and terminations.
  • Act as in-house HR professional, handling day to day issues that arise. Make recommendations for policies and procedures, develop customized forms to assist with administrative issues, prepare communications to clarify or roll out policies and procedures.
  • Provide technical guidance and recommendations as needed in areas relating to Federal, State and general employment regulations to ensure compliance with notice and posting requirements, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Immigration Law, COBRA; and other applicable requirements. Any legal matters will be referred, upon
    authorization by Client, to an attorney for legal guidance.
  • Assess current HR functionalities. Make recommendations to develop HR role(s), outline areas of accountability, and determine expertise and experience required.
  • Work with client to recruit, interview and determine qualifications of HR candidates.

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HR Department Startups FAQs

Why do employers need Hiring & Recruiting Services?

Recruiting top workers should be a priority for every business, and your company should be no different. However, locating and attracting top talent is more competitive than ever.

Employers turn to HR consulting firms that can assist with Hiring & Recruiting for many different reasons and we find that there are a variety of circumstances that lead a company to require professional hiring & recruiting services.

Most often, employers utilize our services when one or more of the following is the case:

  • They need assistance in analyzing the required duties and requirements of the position.
  • They aren’t sure of the skills, experience and compensation range required for the position.
  • They don’t have enough time to recruit the open position.
  • They have had trouble filling the job for an extended period.
  • They do not have internal staff who are proficient in interviewing who may be unaware of employment laws affecting recruiting and interviewing.
  • They have seen high turnover rates for the position and seek expert help.

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