Employee Handbooks & Policy Development

Employee Handbooks & Policy Development

Our Employee Handbooks are customized based on your company size, practices, needs, and company culture and designed for compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Having an up to date employee handbook that is representative of your organization’s work force priorities is imperative when it comes to managing your workforce and staying in compliance with a myriad constantly changing of State and Federal Employment Laws.  As the number of employment laws continue to grow, the need for an employee handbook customized to your organizations size and needs does too.

Why Choose TPS Group as an HR Consulting Firm?

TPS Group has experience in a broad spectrum of industries and partners with you to customize your employee handbook to meet your specific business needs. We will work with you to ensure that you have the policies that you need and that such policies are not overly burdensome to administer. Our handbooks are designed to incorporate industry specific and multi state employment policies that may be needed. Here are just a few reasons to partner with the HR experts at TPS Group for your Employee Handbook:

Enjoy Compliance Confidence with a Trusted HR Consultant

TPS does not provide generic handbooks that have potential to can get business owners in “hot water”. A well-designed employee handbook incorporates policies to comply with applicable state and federal employment regulations, as well as any industry specific policies your organization may need. A comprehensive handbook can give you more confidence to successfully managing your employees.

A relevant and easy-to-use employee handbook can be one of the best ways to ensure consistency across your organization and potentially limit your exposure in employment-related litigation. A well-drafted employee handbook can protect your company from employees’ legal claims.

What Topics Are Covered in an Employee Handbook?

Policies are specific to your organizations size, industry sector, work place priorities and company culture. An “employment at will” disclaimer, an anti-harassment policy, and an internal grievance procedure are important topics and policies which should be included in an effective employee handbook. Other important policies include (but are certainly not limited to):

  •          Employee Classification Definitions
  •          Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO);
  •          Employee Benefits;
  •          Paid Time Off (Vacation, Personal Days, Sick Leave);
  •          Leaves of Absence;
  •          Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  •          Jury Duty, Military Leave;
  •          Hours of Work;
  •          Introductory/Probationary Period;
  •          Disciplinary Policy
  •          Legally-Mandated Language Concerning Pay Deductions;
  •          Proper E-mail/Internet Usage; and
  •          Professionalism/Dress Code.

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